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Prices include collection from Gorey-South Dublin along the East Coast. Please contact us to arrange collection/if you have any queries on whether we service your area.

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A Local Solution to a Global Problem

This is a student-run business established to provide an efficient and hassle free service which includes collection and recycling of your bed, mattress or sofa. We carry out our recycling process in an eco-friendly manner by disassembling each mattress, recycling our springs with Multimetals Recycling Ltd and the fabrics with Greenstar recycling facility.

The Process:

Dissasemble Mattress


Springs: Shipped, Melted and repurposed by Multimetals Recycling

Fabrics: Incinerated for electricity by Greenstar Recycling

  • It takes 80-120 years for 1 mattress to fully decompose in landfill.

  • Ireland dumps approximately 400,000+ mattresses annually.

  • Mattresses can be fully recycled.

  • All mattresses, beds & sofas collected by Wicklow Mattress Recycling will be fully recycled.

Wicklow Mattress Recycling endeavours to reduce the number of mattresses entering landfill operations annually by means of recycling every component of every mattress collected.


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